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Genius! Quickly see who is missing their work -- have students clip as they turn in... (Of course, my finished work piles up before I can grade it, so I need to get more on-the-ball with that for this to work!)

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{Peek of the Week} A Peek into Sunny's 4th & 5th Grade Classroom

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Focus Hacks - Infographic

Our new infographic about how to focus. Latest focus hacks from our team: And here is a list of all hacks: Keep food on your desk. Glucose help your brain focus. Turn off the phone. Most phone calls are not urgent. Get a good chair. There is a reason- bosses don’t …

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I love this idea! This is such a great idea to get students to self assess, and to let teachers know where students are as far as understanding the material.

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Pinspiration : Home Office Inspiration

Closet re-purpose -- For my at home OT planning space! I love this! Now all I need is a house! And a spare bedroom! Oh, and enough storage place elsewhere that I could re-purpose my closet. Ha ha ha.. I will refer you to my last pin about good intentions.

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"Deja Poo" - The feeling that you've heard this crap before! More

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'Zap it!' One more or one less game - place sticks face down in the pot, children take turns to pull out a stick and say the number one more or one less than the number on the stick. If they pull out a stick with ' zap it!' written on, they must put all their sticks back in the pot. Work as a team to try to get all the sticks out of the pot apart from the ones with 'zap it'! written on! Very popular game in our class! LG☆

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Mindfulness is… simply beautiful. A beautiful quote that will make you sit up and think. #spirituality #mindfulness

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