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Read about how I use the Homework Club in my classroom HERE!Leave feedback on this product and receive any $1 item from my store FREE. Just email sharpinsecondblog[at]gmail once you've submitted your feedback telling me which product you want. I'll email it to you within 24 hours!}This resource includes everything you need to implement this incentive system for homework!

I like the QR code idea for those that don't complete their work on time - less paperwork white still keeping students responsible


Homework Club display! if an assignment is not turned in, students will flip their number around and then, at the end of the month, those still facing forward are in the Homework Club! This pack with awards and tons of stuff to start a Homework Club is available on TpT! @Denise H. grant Capps @Courtney Baker Baker Burnett @Vanessa Samurio Samurio Swanner Watkins @Jenn L Milsaps Keller