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After the violence of workers and Pinkerton men, workers made it clear they were in charge. This attitude worried the sheriff of Homestead, who contacted Governor Robert Pattison not knowing what to do. On July 12, eight thousand state troops marched into Homestead under the governor's orders and took control. They evicted workers from their homes, arrested others just so that they could charge them bail, and harassed those who had been involved in the strike.

When Union Workers Captured the Pinkertons Sent to Break Their Strike

This is from the Homestead Strike! I didn't hear about it until long after it was over. I feel so awful for the steel-workers.

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Homestead Strike: Frick locked workers out of the plate mill and one of the open hearth furnaces on the evening of June 28. When no collective bargaining agreement was reached on June 29, Frick locked the union out of the rest of the plant. A high fence topped with barbed wire, begun in January, was completed and the plant sealed to the workers. Sniper towers with searchlights were constructed near each mill building, with high-pressure water cannons, some capable of spraying boiling-hot…

The Homestead Strike was a bloody labor confrontation lasting 143 days in 1892, one of the most serious in U.S. history. The conflict was centered on Carnegie Steel's main plant in Homestead, Pennsylvania, & grew out of a dispute between the National Amalgamated Assoc of Iron & Steel Workers of the United States & the Carnegie Steel Company. Carnegie left on a trip to Scotland before the unrest peaked. Carnegie left mediation of the dispute in the hands of his associate & partner Henry…

The Homestead Strike of 1892. Sucks to be Carnegie. Good thing my workers will never strike on me.

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This is a picture of the Homestead Strike. Many other workers and I went on strike due to a pay cut of about 23%.