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Homestead Strike

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Homestead Strike: Hugh O'Donnell, head of the union's strike committee, demanded that each Pinkerton be charged with murder, forced to turn over his arms and be removed from the town. The crowd shouted their approval. But when the Pinkerton agents arrived at their final destination in Pittsburgh, state officials declared that they would not be charged with murder (per the agreement with the strikers) but simply released. A special train whisked the Pinkerton agents out of the city.


Homestead Strike: Frick locked workers out of the plate mill and one of the open hearth furnaces on the evening of June 28. When no collective bargaining agreement was reached on June 29, Frick locked the union out of the rest of the plant. A high fence topped with barbed wire, begun in January, was completed and the plant sealed to the workers. Sniper towers with searchlights were constructed near each mill building, with high-pressure water cannons, some capable of spraying boiling-hot…

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When Pinkertons Sent to Break a Strike Were Forced to Surrender

Homestead strikers took Pinkertons prisoner

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This is from the Homestead Strike! I didn't hear about it until long after it was over. I feel so awful for the steel-workers.