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LOVE THIS! - Neat idea for a kid's birthday party. Tie balloons to favor bags. They will be festive party decor, plus every kid wants to take home a balloon!


A wartime kitchen. This lady's name was Mrs Haslet and she lived in London. She was photographed cooking a meal on her gas cooker.


Name: Solaris Kinetic Table • Designer: Lara Bohinc and Lapicida • Description: "The Solaris table is made up of four stacked rings of marble plates which are moving smoothly on a rotation spindle like a range of orbits. The table is ever changeable, as the plates can be easily moved around its axis, allowing it to go from a totally closed circle to spread open reaching almost double the size." — "Solaris Kinetic Table", Lara Bohinc (Retrieved: 6 January, 2015)


8 New Things You Can Do with Old Board Games

Scrabble Letters Hanger--cute for Robolly Ridge. Camp is great for these little things you wouldn't put in your fancy schmancy homes!

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The Arc Gallery

Ceramique #raku #handmade #ceramic at gachon pothier store in Paris Mehr

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The Bridge House

The pressure was on when architect Stephen Jolson took on the responsibility of renovating Melbourne's Bridge House. Built by the late Robin Boyd in the 50s, the house was built on ellipse-shaped supports - giving it it's legendary name. So without jeopardizing the original integrity of the house,

A beautiful, artistic depiction of Hel, goddess of the underworld.

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How to create a magical Christmas when you have no money!

I can tell that Christmas is right around the corner not just because all the stores are starting to set up their displays - and are already selling artificial Christmas trees. But, because I have started receiving emails asking for ideas to celebrate the holidays when you have very little ...

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Personalized Scrabble Teacher Name Plate

Dia del maestro/ teacher's day


Hel is the daughter of Loki and the Jotun Angrboda. Half of her body resembles a living woman while the other resembles a corpse. Her expression is always gloomy and grim. The Aesir feared Hel and her brothers, so they were abducted by the gods and banished. Hel was made the ruler of the realm of the dead, which is also named Hel. The entrance is guarded by Garm, a monstrous hound. Hel’s hall is Eljudnir, home of the dead. Her plate is called Hunger, and her knife is Famine.