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Best Reverse Mortgage Lenders for 2016

Best Reverse Mortgage Lenders for 2016 A reverse mortgage allows you to convert your home equity into a cash loan provided youre over the age of 62. It can help you balance out your income during retirement make it easier to pay bills or even help you downsize to a new home. The reverse mortgage industry has a bad reputation though and looking for a credible lender can feel like a daunting task. Despite the introduction of new regulationsto keep the industry in line there are still plenty…

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Home equity loans are back - but have homeowners learned their lesson?

Home equity lines of credit got a bad rap during the financial crisis, and now…

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HELOCs Make Comeback as Prices Rise

A HELOC rebound is underway, according to a recently released Experian white paper. The rise in home equity lines of credit, commonly referred to as HELOCs, affects consumers and lenders positively, with consumers making payments on time and being responsible with their financial debts. #Equity #Loans #HomeTeam4U

A major perk of using a Home Equity Line of Credit to consolidate your debt is that you’re likely to reduce the amount of interest you’re paying. Home equity interest rates can be lower than credit card or other loan rates. Find out if using your home’s equity is the right option for you and how to apply.


Home Equity Line of Credit Second Mortgage Rates HELOC Loans Mortgages Rate…

Like a home equity loan, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) uses your home as collateral to guarantee payment. Lenders give you a ceiling to which you can borrow; then they charge interest on only the amount used. You can draw funds when you need them — a plus if your project spans many months. Some programs have a minimum withdrawal, while others have checkbook or credit-card access with no minimum.

Does your house need a refresh? Whether it’s simply adding some color or creating a fun outdoor living space, determine your budget and find out if using your home’s equity is the right option for you and how to apply.

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5 Misconceptions About the Home Equity Line of Credit

A HELOC can be a powerful credit line for furthering your financial needs. But first, see if you're aware of these common HELOC misconceptions.