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Home Automation using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Domoticz, MySensors.

Hi Fellow makers,This is my first Instructable on Home Automation. The idea is to build a controller and wireless nodes to control and monitor.After a lot of hit and trial with many different controllers like OpenHab, DomotiGa, Ago Control, finally I decided to go with Domoticz as Controller and MySensor for Nodes. You must be wondering why I decided to build. I had a problem which I wanted to resolve. It all started with Water management. I live in a area where we get water supply for only…


Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius - This wickedly inventive guide shows you how to create all kinds of entertaining and practical projects with Raspberry Pi operating system and programming environment. In Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius, you’ll learn how to build a Bluetooth-controlled robot, a weather station, home automation and security controllers, a universal remote, and even a minimalist website. (Scheduled via

Take Some Small Steps to Improve Your Home Security #infographic #HomeImprovement #Security

Take Some Small Steps to Improve Your Home Security #infographic


Flexible LED strip lighting for the kitchen from Hafele


Best Devices for Your Home Automation System from


The 10 best smart home gadgets on the market

The smart home has arrived — the internet is gradually making its way into everything from appliances to thermostats, and you’ll soon be able to control most things in your house from your phone. But letting WiFi connected things into your house is a big step — they can watch you at all times and know a great deal about your most intimate life. So it’s worth getting one you trust and believe in.


Umbris Patio Roof | automated louvre roof over patio of traditional brick home , aluminium legs support the roof and drain water. patio roof is fully watertight when louvres rotated flat


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How Can I Get Started with Home Automation?

Dear Lifehacker, I want to set up some basic home automation tasks but I've never done anything like this before. How do I get started? For that matter, what kind of things can I do and how much should I reasonably expect to pay?