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"Love this handout. I would add: Pass it out to each YW. Tell them they only have enough ink in their pen to underline 3 words. Play a song and when the song is over - have them share what they underlined and why. Another idea: Up on the board: How would you explain what the Sabbath Day is and Why we honor it to a non member. Give them a few minutes to write their response. Discuss


I've waster another precious day doing busy nothings. There's days like that. Like today. No sleep the night before = whhhaaaaaaaaaaa??? 5 pm already?? Holy cow....

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Jerusalem: The Holy Fire is spread by worshippers in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as part of Easter celebrations Photograph: Oliver Weiken/EPA


Elton John as best man to his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. Bernie marries 19 year old American student Maxine Feibelman on Saturday 27th March 1971 at Holy Rood Catholic Church, in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.