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VIDEO: ZIO® PATCH VIDEO: Instead of a bulky holter monitor, the Zio® Patch cardiac monitor (iRhythm) looks similar to a 2- by 5-inch adhesive bandage and sticks to a patient's chest. Electrophysiologist Steven Higgins, MD of Scripps Health talks about this single-use ambulatory cardiac monitor; the device can continuously monitor their heart rhythm for up to 14 days. TV news story. 2:10 min. Uploaded May 2012. #afib


Holter monitoring EKG -a je neinvazivna dijagnostička procedura odnosno poseban postupak praćenja rada srca u toku 24 ili 48 sati. Indikacije za Holter EKG-a su: poremećaji srčanog ritma ( aritmija ), krize svesti, vrtoglavice…

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This report mainly concerns the Holter Monitoring equipment -Holter monitor. Holter monitor is a portable ECG device that can be worn by the patient to record heart activity continuously for a certain period. Other ECG devices record heart activity only for a certain period.