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Auschwitz Survivor Gena Turgel Walked Out of Gas Chamber Alive

LONDON — Of all the stories of survival from the Auschwitz concentration camp, Gena Turgel's is one of the most astonishing."When I think back, I have t...

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A Holocaust Survivor's Story Of Her Time In A Concentration Camp Is Astounding

Watch A Holocaust Survivor Share A Beautiful Story About Her Time In A Concentration Camp - BuzzFeed News

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I love you: Holocaust survivor salutes American soldier who saved him

Holocaust survivor salutes US soldier who liberated him from concentration camp


I love this pic so much! A Holocaust survivor looking into the eyes of her great granddaughter.

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Holocaust survivor recalls the 'Lucky Lie' that saved his life

The Holocaust survivor and the 'Lucky Lie' that saved his life - Europe - World - The Independent

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Holocaust survivor Henia Bryer: Prisoner number A26188

Holocaust survivor Henia Bryer: Now in her 80s, she fears younger generations lack knowledge of the Holocaust. "I had an operation once and the anaesthetist comes and looks at [the tattoo on] my arm and he says, 'What is this?' And I said, 'That's from Auschwitz.' And he said, 'Auschwitz, what was that?' And that was a young man, a qualified doctor," she says.


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Anita Dittman - Her message is different now than when she first went public in 1978 with her experience as a Holocaust survivor. --- Could it happen here? -- “When I started speaking in 1978-79, people would ask me, ‘Do you think it could happen here in this country?’ And I said, ‘Oh no, people are used to so much freedom in this country, it could never happen here,’” Ditmann told WND. “When they ask me that question now, I say, ‘It is already happening.’”


We Must Honor the Holocaust Survivors' Stories

We Must Honor the Holocaust Survivors’ Stories