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In Hollywood, reiki healing is all the rage. But is it just another alternative therapy that's a 'bit out there'? Or, are there genuine healing and health benefits to be had? Shelley Bloom, reiki practitioner, fills us in ...


What reiki will do for you :) What you may feel during treatment? ALIVE!


Intention is a very important aspect of energy healing... repinned by <3


Third Eye Affirmations: pic and words found online.

1 A healer is YOU. No matter whether you’re a holistic…


EFT Meridian Tapping - Self-Love ~ Self-Appreciation | Kathy Atkinson, Success Coach, EFT Practitioner


Reiki: Reiki For Beginners: The Ultimate Reiki Guide That Teaches You All You Need To Know About Reiki Healing & Improving Your Life With The Power Of Reiki! by Amber Rainey

from Ashley Srokosz

Easily keep track of your money as a holistic practitioner (+ a free money tracker)

Are you a holistic health coach who needs to start tracking your business expenses? Easily keep track of your money with this business expense tracker! It's an auto-calculating spreadsheet in Excel for the whole year, and is perfect for holistic nutritionists, health coaches, or yoga teachers. Click here to get your own business expense tracker.

from The Reiki Incentive

Reiki - How do I handle non-believers?

A lot of Reiki professionals have a real block with explaining Reiki to others! In this blog post, Angela Coleman explains how she uses research along with her knowledge of traditional Japanese reiki to deal with this. With its origins in Japanese Buddhism, Reiki overlaps now with some of the newer therapies being used in mainstream healthcare. Let's bridge the two and help Reiki become more mainstream. Sign up at the for FREE strategies for explaining Reiki, or pin and save for later.


The Holistic Practitioner's Business Bible is a comprehensive business guide specifically tailored to holistic health business owners who have received training in their respective fields of acupuncture, bodywork, coaching or psychotherapy, but have little experience in setting up an office and managing it effectively. Written in an easy-to-follow format for the non-business and non-technically inclined, The Holistic Practitioner's Business Bible offers all the essentials of running a…