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Holiday Pay Entitlement

The Government is extending its Novopay remediation programme by two months, while 4400 school staff are still battling to receive correct holiday pay and sick pay entitlements.

How holiday pay entitlement is calculated and when (and how) it is paid depends on the contract of employment an employee has with you ...

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Uber loses employment tribunal in the UK Uber drivers are workers rather than self-employed contractors according to a ruling byan employment tribunal in the UK. Its a landmark win for workers rights in the so-called gig economy where platform giants have sought to minimize costs by classifying the large numbers of people needed to operate their service as self-employed. The tribunals ruling means Uber drivers in the UK willbe entitled to holiday pay paid rest breaks and the National…

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The Roles We Play

We are regular employees. But GMA has been calling us Talents. As Talents, we don’t have overtime pay, holiday pay, hazard pay or 13th month pay. We are required to work on holidays, and are not entitled to paid leaves. We don’t have SSS, Pag-IBIG, or Philhealth. We don’t have security of tenure. If we retire, we get nothing. If we die, we get nothing, even if we die on duty.

In any workplace these days you'll find two classes of workers: those on the high road and those on the low road. The high road workers occupy a dwindling proportion of privileged jobs that come with paid sick leave, holiday pay, redundancy entitlements, regular work hours, and a reliable pay cheque. Those on the low road - casuals and contractors - get none of these benefits. Find out more about the Secure Jobs. Better Future campaign at