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It doesn't matter how many times I walk into the great hall it always takes my breath away. It is so beautiful and always welcomed me home. I walk over to the Ravenclaw table and sit with my friends. I can't wait until the sorting starts though. I love meeting the new first years and seeing who gets put in Ravenclaw with me and my friends. I also can't wait for the food to be served. It is always the best. I'm glad to be home. -Misty fourth year Ravenclaw.

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Stunning Staircase to the Great Hall, Christ Church, Oxford. Also used in the Harry Potter films.

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The magic of Harry Potter: See inside the studios where the movies were filmed (and the biggest disappearing act will be £100 for a family ticket and a wand)

I was on my way to the great hall for breakfast when a girl bumped into me. "Sorry," said a familiar voice. Riley? I turned around and she was smiling gravely at me. My first instinct was to get away from her, but the look on her face made me want to stay. "Hey Riley," I say somewhat defeatedly.

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Actually he would smuggle them down because Hufflepuff dorms are located by the kitchens which are under the Great Hall

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Harry Potter, Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Trick or Treat, Black Cat, Bat, Cauldron, Cobwebs, Candle, Goblin, Ghost, Ghouls, Grim Reaper, Grave Keeper, Raven, Skull, Spiders, Scarecrow, Skeleton, Vampire, Witch, Jack-O-Lantern, Pumpkin, Spooky, Spells, Scary, Haunted House, Haunting, Creepy, Frightening, Full Moon, Autumn, Fall, Magic Potion

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Comment and follow me to be added. Please comply with just the few basic rules I have for this board. This is not a fanboard, this is our story as students, if you would like to pin things pertaining directly to the harry potter series or fangirling of any sort, please pin that to the "Harry potter series" board. Quidditch related pins only, meaning no criminal awareness, religious awareness, or self promotion. Thanks and have fun playing Quidditch.

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