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I had a huge crush on Taylor Lautner, when I was years. haha it's so funny now a days everyone is in love with him.... (:

from Etsy

BDSM Collar with arm restraints, Bondage set, Arm Bondage, Submissive Collar, Slave collar, Neck to Wrist Restraint Collar & Arm Binder

Submissive Collar with arm ties. Neck to Wrist Restraint Collar & Arm Binder Any Dom would love this triple chain collar for their sub. This elegant collar does not skimp one bit on strength or beauty. It has a nice weight to it with a smooth chrome feel. Clasps in back with a clasping O ring, has a D ring in front. Arm ties can be detached so you can use the collar on its own. Could also be used in front or as a leash or hogties. Collar is 14 3/4 long, 1 3/8 wide. Arm ties are 10 to the…


I'll ride in on my noble steed, steal ya girl, and leave you hog-tied 🐴🇺🇸 #halloween #halloween2016 #cowboy #notthedallaskind #hogtied #taylorguitars #bandana #tattoo #tatted #cowboyswithtattoos #fakecowboy #yeehaw #icantrideahorse #20minuitecostumes #holdmybeer #stealyourgirl #unlessshesugly

1girl bangs bdsm bed_sheet black_legwear blue_skirt bondage bound bow brown_eyes brown_hair collared_shirt feet hair_bow hands_on_feet hogtie kneehighs light_frown looking_at_viewer lying minagiku necktie no_shoes on_side original pleated_skirt ponytail red_necktie red_ribbon ribbon ribbon_bondage school_uniform shibari shibari_over_clothes shirt short_sleeves skirt socks solo striped striped_necktie white_shirt