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Hmrc Self Employed


Everything you need to know about tax if you sell craft online -

Everything you need to know about tax and self-assessment if you're a small creative businesses. Are you registered for self-assessment? Do you need to be? What records should you be keeping? What expenses can you claim?


Hermes could be subject to HMRC investigation #HRconsultants

One can directly speak to the concerned authority at HMRC regarding the obligations as an employer by calling HMRC Employers helpline number.

General Guidelines for HMRC Self-Assessment Making a tax return in the UK is more straightforward than most realise. The following is a simple guide to self-assessment tax returns. These typically are only submitted by those who are self-employed, but there may be other circumstances where it may be necessary. HM Revenue and Customs...


Following the 2013 Budget, here is our summary of the main tax rates, tax bands, and allowances for the 2013/2014 tax year, with particular reference to data wh

HMRC has free video tutorials about record-keeping, tax and self assessment for the self employed.


HMRC clarification on reporting requirements for umbrella workers welcomed by giant group

from the Guardian

I clean HMRC’s offices for an unfair wage. I hope our strike has embarrassed them

I clean HMRC’s offices for an unfair wage. I hope our strike has embarrassed them. When the national living wage was introduced, my colleagues and I expected an improvement – not for ISS, our employer, to cut our hours to pay for it

HMRC reconsider the NI status of self employed entertainers

Learn of the difference between employees and freelancers/self-employed contractors and how HMRC and the law view the relationship. Read the article now!