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The only herb mentioned In the Bible and the Qur’an is the God’s plant, and many people believe that this herb is created by God himself.


New Study Finds Bee Venom Can Kill HIV

They are such amazing creatures. Everything they do to survive, inadvertently allows us to survive. We must protect them!


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Man Found “Cures for All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, arthritis & More….. AND he is going To Prove It! - Fountain Facts

An HIV cure just got one step closer

Scientists have managed to remove DNA of the HIV virus from living tissue for the first time in a breakthrough that could lead to an outright cure. At the moment, treating the disease involves the use of drugs that suppress levels of the virus so the body’s immune system can cope. Now researchers in the US have revealed they used gene-editing technology to remove DNA of the commonest HIV-1 strain from several organs of infected mice and rats.

@DrSebi. Imagine that! 2nd Pinter: Wow! They get your patents and make them theirs after you go. R.I.P. Dr. Sebi, thanks for all your help with my bro-in-laws cancer treatment when we had no where else to turn.


Is the HIV 'functional cure' the breakthrough it seems?

The HIV virus, inactive traces of which remain in the Mississippi baby in what scientists call a 'functional cure'.


Scientists uncover mechanism for spontaneous HIV 'cure'

A rare group of people -- fewer than one percent of those infected -- are naturally able to rein in viral replication and keep the virus at clinically undetectable levels, doctors say.