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Start of World War II: September 1939-March 1940


World War 2 This war fought in Europe, North Africa and Asia started in 1939 with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and ended in 1945 with the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan. It was the largest armed conflict in history.


01 Sep 39: Germany invades Poland. For most European countries, this day marks the beginning of World War II. More: #WWII


Hitler invades Poland, 1939. Estilo: Abstract Expressionism. Género: abstract painting Técnica: crayon, ink. Arshile Gorky 1904-1948, fue un pintor armenio naturalizado estadounidense y exponente del arte abstracto.Su trabajo ha evolucionado bajo muy distintas influencias, como las de Cezanne y Picasso entre otros, y luego las del surrealismo y una gran abstracción geométrica de Miró o Kandinsky.

France Celebrates Bastille Day

September 1939: Hitler invades Poland. France and England declare war on Germany

Adolf Hitler persuaded many Germans with his speeches. His great speaking ability, influenced the minds of many people to follow his evil ways.


World War II Erupts: Color Photos From the Invasion of Poland, 1939

German victory parade in Warsaw after the invasion of Poland, 1939. (Hitler is on platform, arm raised in Nazi salute.)

The start of Word War II. German invasion of Poland. September '39. German motorized troops on the streets of Warsaw