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Nazi Germany, Hitler Youth, C. 1935 Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

Nazi Germany, Hitler Youth, c. 1935. (I knew someone who was a member of this org. She never discussed how it was back then.)


Ok, we'll start with this 'little' list...Timeline of World War II in Europe...#ingraphics


Start of World War II: September 1939-March 1940


Nazi Rally, 1934 - Nuremberg, Germany. This picture shows a strict military dictatorship, the strict rules give it order and so does the military power. On the other hand the racism and discrimination makes it unbalanced and disorderly.


The wreckage of a bus, which was blasted against a house in London during The Blitz, 9th September 1940.


Bombing of London in the Battle of Britain during World War II. Description from I searched for this on


Did Hitler and Eva Braun flee Berlin and die (divorced) of old age in Argentina?

Eva Braun pictured: I read the book, Grey Wolf. I read the newspaper article about the book including the comments. I will tell you this, I believe Dunstad and Williams extensively researched the subject and arrived at a logical conclusion; in my view more accurate than anything presented before. I never did accept that "famous picture" was Hitler. If he was burned why not beyond any possibility of recognition such as was done with Goebbels? It was planned subterfuge to evade capture.