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History Of Robots

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Metal Mickey

Metal Mickey. - Unbeknownst to many of his fans, Metal Mickey was actually already a minor showbiz personality before his eponymously titled series was first broadcast. In 1978 he released a novelty record, ‘Lollipop’, on the EMI label and on the back of this started making appearances on some of the most popular television shows of the time: TISWAS, The Generation Game, Jim’ll Fix It and Game for a Laugh to name a few.


The Robot's Rebellion: Finding Meaning in the Age of Darwin ~ by Keith E. Stanovich (Author) | Androids... Non Solar Genes... Artificial Humans... Intruders... Soul.less Clones... Abhorrent Man... Endangered Species... Devol_ution... known as Devils.


Attack of the Vintage Toy Robots! Justin Pinchot on Japan’s Coolest Postwar Export | Collectors Weekly


9/27/13 -- William Estrada of the Home School Legal Defense Association to discuss the COMMON CORE education legislation that was EMBEDDED in the 2009 STIMULUS BILL. Ramifications of the law include an increased anti-Christian bias in teaching materials and the creation of a national database for students.


Black German Soldier in WW1 A group of articles describing numerous contributions by black American, French colonial, Scottish, British, African, and Asian soldiers in military service around the world.

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Yasutaro Mitsui with his own steel humanoid, early ’30s.

ici un robot d'un film Japonais muet de 1919. Présenté à une riche assemblée de propriétaires à Tokyo, ceux ci firent la demande d'un robot géant abordable qui travaillerait la terre et exploiterait les paysans... L'empereur Hirohito,détenteur de l'unique copie du film le détruisit pour éviter l'idée de capturer l'imagination du publique.


robot: Doug Gelhaye via Aaron Civil War onto Assemblage, Collage, Altered Object Art


The Story of Money #infographic

Forex Trade Robots


BRITISH ARMY NORTH AFRICA 1942 (E 14640) A Humber Mk II armoured car of the 12th Royal Lancers on patrol south of El Alamein, July 1942.