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Discover the history of Vikings in the Stavanger region by joining our organise shore tour.

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Viking Sites in Norway | swords monument at Hafrsfjord Stavanger Norway More

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Iona Abbey, Scotland Duncan, the Scottish king murdered by Macbeth in 1140, is reputed to be buried here, along with 47 other Scottish kings and a number of Scottish saints.

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The Lewis Chessmen, probably made in Norway, about AD 1150-1200. At this period, the Western Isles, where the chessmen were buried, were part of the Kingdom of Norway, not Scotland. It seems likely they were buried for safe keeping on route to be traded in Ireland.

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Silver Viking pendants from Gotland and Eastern Viking areas, with curved crystal lens that can be used for starting fires in strong sunlight...

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*William the Conqueror, King of England (1028-1087)-The descendant of Viking raiders, he had been Duke of Normandy since 1035 under the style William II. After a long struggle to establish his power, by 1060 his hold on Normandy was secure, and he launched the Norman conquest of England in 1066. The rest of his life was marked by struggles to consolidate his hold over England and his continental lands and by difficulties with his eldest son.

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Cutaway picture of a Viking house...the door is in the wrong place, for a typical Viking longhouse the door should be off center on one of the long walls.

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Lewis Chessman, British Museum Probably made in Norway, about AD 1150-1200 Found on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

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Daring Denmark: Fjords and firewater - six things you must do in Aalborg

Aerial view of Lindholm Hoje, a Viking cemetery in Denmark close to the city of Aalborg. From this angle you can clearly see the stone grave markers which surround many burials with the symbolic silhouette of a ship. Like many other Indo-European cultures, the Vikings often associated death with a journey over water, an ships were also very important in daily life.

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10 Amazing Viking Sites in Norway for Fans of Vikings - These incredible sites are in one the world's most beautiful places. Rich with history and legends.

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