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History Of Literature

from indy100

The literary map of London is just beautiful

The literary map of London (although the illustrator's grasp of London geography is, to say the least, loose - Battersea East of Lambeth?)


Banned books

Banned books
from Stylist Magazine

Timeline shows the where and why of history's most contentious reads, from Lolita to Charlotte's Web

Banned books

from Brain Pickings

A Pictorial History of the London Tube and Its Graphic Legacy

1896: A platform at Victoria station, depicting the familiar railway newssand at its dawn


The Shakespearean Archive :: Why is Shakespeare so often associated with information technologies and with the idea of archiving itself? Alan Galey explores this question through the entwined histories of Shakespearean texts and archival technologies over the past four centuries. In chapters dealing with the archive, the book, photography, sound, information, and data, Galey analyzes how Shakespeare became prototypical material for publishing experiments, and new media projects, as...