Those who don't remember their history are condemned to repeat it...take the time to read and learn "The Constitution" and "Bill of Rights". It is incumbent on YOU to be educated and informed. Don't just accept the regurgitated pap from media pundits and lifetime politicos. Question EVERYTHING!

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#MalcolmX #oppression It's still happening... A few examples: A discussion of the terrorism propaganda that has been used to justify wars of aggression in the name of a so-called democracy, &that has been painting victims as criminals, another example is given by whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg who talks about the unjustified, criminal wars in Vietnam and Irak. Another example…

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c. 1991: Tony Benn’s plaque to Emily Wilding Davison, placed in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft (Houses of Parliament). Benn said in 2001: “I have put up several plaques—illegally, without permission; I screwed them up myself. One was in the broom cupboard to commemorate Emily Wilding Davison... If one walks around this place, one sees statues of people, not one of whom believed in democracy, votes for women or anything else..."

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Mm...can't help but notice, how often she looks ill-at-ease in his presence...even people who seem to hate the Obamas just for Existing...must recognise that they're a Couple, a Team..Equals...

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The Expansion of Democracy During the Jacksonian Era - America in Class - primary sources for history & literature teachers

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