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Introduction to Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe


HEMAA -- Historical European Martial Arts Alliance

New Zealand sword fighter Samantha Swords (stage name) 2013 winner of the long sword event in the Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament. Samantha also designs her own swords. You can watch a great interview with Samantha, who trains in Historic European Martial Arts, at


Full HEMA Titan Range Kit by Leon Paul

Historical European martial arts - 1452 ms. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


See? Dual wielding does make sense... With a knife. from a 16th century fencing manual- sword and dagger

Cadyn's father's sword. Cadyn rummages through the heaps of corpses and recovers this blade. Her main weapon.

Percy Mcquoid Types of old swordsmanship: A duel with small swords in 1760