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Hippo Speed

Bangers and flash: The incredible high-speed pictures that show bullets, marbles and explosions tearing through everyday items

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She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes ... she'll be ... oh, wait ... urm ... run!! ;)

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Protector of the Giants photographic exhibition

Photograph: Joachim Schmeisser/David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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Tourists on a safari in Kasana, Botswana experienced a close encounter they will never forget as an enormous Hippo dives and catches up to their motorboat. Never underestimate the speed and ...

Rhino! (Rhinos are very powerful runners, despite their large/heavy size. Can reach up to 45 mph in 5 seconds, with how much they weigh, they could knock over a safari truck. -Learned this on my safari excursion in the Huluhuwe Resort in South Africa)

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2003 Maxi - König der Löwen Happy Hippo Speed