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Hindu Names For Boys

BODHI The Bodhi tree is a fig tree found in parts of Asia and considered sacred in the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain faiths.

(prev. post - boy dressesd as the hindu god shiva) -- Me - Sophie dreams (for years) about a little boy named Max, "who's about 12 that looks like this but his earrings a little different and he's got white, braided in the back, hair." This image surprised me so I had to show Sophie!


Baby Girl Name: Kiran. Meaning: Star; Divine Light. Origin: Arabic; Hindu.

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200 Most Popular Hindu God And Goddess Names For Your Baby

Finding the perfect name, with the right spelling & amazing meaning is not an easy task. So here is some help. Find 200 Hindu god names for baby boy and girls

Baby Girl Name: Sania or Saniya. Pronounced: Sahn-yuh or Suh-ny-uh. Meaning: Radiant; Brilliant. Origin: Arabic; Hindu.


Baby Girl Name: Shivani. Meaning: Flower. Origin: Hindu.

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35 Most Popular Hindu God Names For Baby Boy

35 Most Popular Hindu God Names For Your Baby Boy