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Hindu Kush Mountains, AfghanistanCarolina/ Photography by Steve McCurry / Here you can download Steve's FREE PDF Catalog and order PRINTS /


Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province with Afghanistan | Portrait of a Kalash girl. The Kalash are a tiny and dwindling community of non-muslims living in two valleys in the Hindu Kush mountains. Their culture and belief system differs drastically from the various ethnic groups surrounding them but is similar to that of the neighboring Nuristanis (Kafirs) in northeast Afghanistan | Image and caption © Sam Seyffert.


Hindu Kush will provide you with a calm, active mental state different than that…

Mountains of Afghanistan where rubies, silver, copper and lead are mined. Marco Polo was sick for a year with imflammatory complaints. He recovered with the help of the mountain air.


Kabul, Afghanistan. Kabul is over 3,500 years old. The city serves as the nation's cultural and learning center, situated 5,876 ft above sea level in a narrow valley, wedged between the Hindu Kush mountains along the Kabul River.


Hidden within the Hindu Kush mountains is a mysterious and ancient tribe of people called the Kalash Kafirs, translated literally as the 'black-dressed infidels of Pakistan'. Some believe they are the legendary direct descendants of the armies of Alexander the great and that they are a living link back to Ancient Greece. Source: Sacred Familiar