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Hindu Girl Baby Names

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35 Unique Hindu Goddess Durga Names For Baby Girl

35 Names Of Hindu Goddess Durga For Your Baby Girl

Baby Girl Name: Kiran. Meaning: Star; Divine Light. Origin: Arabic; Hindu.


Baby Girl Name: Sania or Saniya. Pronounced: Sahn-yuh or Suh-ny-uh. Meaning: Radiant; Brilliant. Origin: Arabic; Hindu.


When a baby girl was born in rural India with four arms and four legs, she was thought to be a gift from God, and was given the name Lakshmi, after the four-armed Hindu goddess of wealth. Doctors found that Lakshmi actually had a twin, which had fused to her body. A team of doctors were assembled, and they performed 27 hour surgery to remove the limbs, kidney and spinal cord from her twin. Then they re-oriented the girl's genital system and bladder, and closed her pelvis.


Baby Girl Name: Naviana. Most likely Origins: Norwegian; Hindu.

Baby Girl or Boy Name: Navya (na-vee-uh). Meaning: Worthy of Praise. Origin: Telugu; Sanskrit; Hindu.


Baby Girl or Boy Name: Sonali. Meaning: Golden. Origin: Sanskrit; Hindu.

Baby Girl Name: Shivani. Meaning: Flower. Origin: Hindu.

from MomJunction

200 Most Popular Hindu God And Goddess Names For Your Baby

Finding the perfect name, with the right spelling & amazing meaning is not an easy task. So here is some help. Find 200 Hindu god names for baby boy and girls