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Illuminati murders usually are plane crashes, car crashes, odd disappearances, suicides, heart attacks, fail surgeries or straight murder with totally mind controlled perpetrator (who is under some mind control program by nazi cia Illuminati, masons).

from the Guardian

Clinton 2016? Hillary is top choice as Democrats turn to next election

Clinton 2016?

from Mail Online

Rare display of affection as Bill and Hillary stroll arm in arm down the street (but he's clearly not lost his eye for the ladies)

Former president Bill Clinton and his wife looked relaxed and chatted to onlookers as they shopped in Madison Avenue, New York.

from Mail Online

Bill Clinton suggested Hillary to get a face lift, new book claims

Hillary Clinton 'had no intention of going to a clinic' so had a well-known plastic surgeon to set up a 'mini operating room' in her home, to have work done on her face and neck, book claims.

from Vox

Hillary Clinton’s neoconservative fan club, explained

Hillary Clinton’s neoconservative fan club, explained - Vox