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Hillary Clinton Birthplace

Vote for Hillary Clinton - Pinterest Campaign for #Hillary2016 - (Hillary Clinton's rise earns place of honor in birthplace of US women's suffrage - The Guardian) has just been shared on News|Info|Issues|Views|Polls|Donate|Shop for #Hillary2016 #Vote4Hillary #ImWithHer Fans Communities @ViaGuru Politics

Dr Zubin Medora: Medical Director of Medora Centre in Singapore

Bill Clinton Birthplace Home: Hope, Arkansas

LGBTPost Hand Folded Wooden Objects for the Home

Trump Tells the Truth About Obamas Birth to Lie About Hillary

Caddell: George H.W. Bush Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Is Establishment ‘Protection Racket’


RNC Chairman Threatens to End Career of Republican Lawmakers Not Endorsing Trump

The Republican Chairman also smashed the media for repeating the refrain that Hillary Clinton was not involved in the racist birther conspiracy after new evidence came to light that her longtime advisor Sidney Blumenthal actually started the bigoted theory about President Barack Obama’s place of birth.

Wow! Is This Hillary in Handcuffs?! Listen Closely Around the 5:00 Mark in This "Rise Together" Video!! | Obama Birthplace Controversy

Anyone wishing to report HONESTLY about Hillary Clinton’s roll in initiating and then pushing the Obama “Birther” controversy knows it was her campaign, and her supporters, who ran with questions pertaining to Barack Obama’s place of birth during an increasingly contentious 2008 Democrat primary race. Today, Hillary Clinton has the audacity to call Donald Trump …

Former President Bill Clinton’s staff spent taxpayer money subsidizing the Clinton Foundation, an associated business and Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to a new report.