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This pyramid shows the effectiveness of certain teaching methods and student retention. Lecture at the lowest, 5 percent retention and teaching others as the highest with 90%. No more lecturing students, they are only holding onto 5% of the lessons you teach! Include more student led instruction where students learn on their own and allow students to teach other students.


VIDEO Independent Resources Plc Interview with CEO Greg Coleman Risked and Un-risked value of 424p & 133p respective - - #IRG

Latest Bank FD Interest Rates-April-2016

Get out of Debt completely with the Debt Snowball Strategy Myth: If you want to get out of debt fast enough, you need to first pay off the debts that have the highest interest rate.


More Research Shows That the Snowball Method Is the Best Debt Payoff Strategy

It makes logical sense to pay off your highest interest rate debts first. Yet research shows that paying off smaller balances is actually more effective. It’s a good reminder that making financial progress isn’t just about logic, it’s also about behavior.