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The stunning art of freezing time: 20 excellent examples of high speed photography

Stunning High Speed Photography

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Not only do I want to incorporate the figure and landscapes. I would also like to involve different objects.

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Dancing Paint - High Speed Water Photography

Dancing Paint - High Speed Water Photography - WOW!

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Splashed egg by Nicolas Winspeare Beautiful Egg Art & Photography

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High Speed Photos by Alan Sailer

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High speed photography: fire.

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High speed photography How-to

How to freeze action when taking high speed photos of subjects such as people in motion, water splashes, or items smashing. Written by Discover Digital Photography January 11th, 2015.

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Edward Horsford‘s High-speed photography captures a balloons pop at 1/40,000ths of a second.

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I hate Kool-aide by liquid in plastic, via Flickr {high speed photography experiment}

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High speed photography gives water new life. Spiraling water is geometric perfection.

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