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Top 10 Sodium Foods -

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6 Common Food Additives You Should Avoid

Surprise! Salty foods can be found in places you hadn't considered. And foods high in sodium are sometimes hard to avoid. But arm yourself with tips to make smart, low-sodium choices wherever you are.


In this age of fatty foods, carbonated beverages and high-sodium meals, gas and bloating are common complaints. Bloating generally occurs due to water retent...

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Six high sodium foods you'd never expect

Is #salt hiding in your #diet? Dr.Natasha tells you where to find it....

High Sodium Foods, Ways to Reduce Sodium -- Go Red For Women

15 Foods That Are Surprisingly High in Sodium

Food Label Claims Can’t keep up with the jargon? Here’s a cheat sheet: Sodium-free: Less than 5 mg of sodium per serving Very low-sodium: 35 mg or less per serving Low-sodium: Less than 140 mg per serving Reduced sodium: Sodium level reduced by 25% Unsalted, no salt added, or without added salt: Made without the salt that’s normally used, but still contains the sodium that’s a natural part of the food itself. I need to get my sodium a bit lower.

Say Na, Na, Na To These High-Sodium Foods

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Four healthy food swaps a naturopath recommends