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High Pressure Sodium Lights


Westinghouse 250W Mogul Sodium Bulb by Westinghouse

Westinghouse ET18 Commercial High-Pressure Sodium Light Bulb

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Earth Worth 600 Watt HPS High Pressure Sodium Hydroponics Grow Light Bulb

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Charlotte, NC - Cooper Lighting PS25 High Pressure Sodium Commercial Exterior Wallpack 250W retail for $200. These come with the extra metal wire guard as well... a $14 value. All lights were removed from a school due to mandatory upgrade. Save some money over new lights!!!

Note:Only for North American. This Super HPS grow lamp allows you to stretch your growing season to 365 days a year. Fine-tune your lighting system to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promo...

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Satellite eye on Earth: October 2014 – in pictures

Tsushima Strait, the shallow body of water that separates southern Japan and South Korea. A cluster of fishing boats is the source of the bluish light near the centre of the image. The fisherman are likely luring Japanese flying squid (Todarodes pacificus) to the surface with bright xenon bulbs. The city lights on the Korean side of the strait tend to have an orange glow (high-pressure sodium lights), while those on the Japanese side are greener (Mercury vapor lights).

The Ultra SunTM High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps have a Kelvin temperature rating of 2000K which is ideal for the fruiting and flowing stages of plants. It is also an excellent lamp for full term pl...


Westinghouse 150W Med Base Hps Bulb by Westinghouse

Westinghouse ED17 Commercial High-Pressure Sodium Light Bulb

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LEDs in greenhouses deliver same yield as grow lights, using just 25% of the energy

Cary Mitchell and Celina Gomez, of Purdue University, harvest tomatoes grown next to a tower of blue and red LEDs.