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Shapes Pack Posters, Book to Create, Matching Cards, Game, Activity Sheets


This is a fun game for students to practice recognizing 2D shapes in various sizes and orientations. Shapes included are circle, rectangle, rhombus, oval, hexagon, and triangle. It goes along with kindergarten common core standard K.G.2. The file includes ten game cards along with shape calling cards which are great for a center activity!

Fill Me Up composing shapes game where kids take turns rolling the dice to be the first to fill their hexagons! Click for a bunch of other composing shapes games and activities for first grade and kindergarten!

Blockbusters. Fond memories of that time. This would be on telly when I got home from my Art Foundation Course where I had a whale of a time.


Standard Capacity Conversions

30 problem US customary units capacity puzzle, converting from ounces, cups, pints, quarts and gallons. The triangular game pieces come together to form a self checking hexagon shape. The puzzle comes premixed up so that students could cut them out themselves and not know the answers ahead of time.This activity could be used by individuals in an interactive notebook, by groups or pairs in a math center or by those pesky fast finishers!

Shape Game (A Pocket Chart Activity)

This pocket chart song and activity will help teach shapes to your young students. The shapes included are: square, circle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, rhombus, and rectangle. The song is sung to the tune "If You're Happy and You Know It." Place the word cards in your pocket chart and pass out different shapes to your students. There are six different versions of each shape.

Everyday Math 4 EDM4 Common Core Edition Kindergarten Unit 4 Bundle

This is a bundle of Everyday Math 4 Common Core Edition Kindergarten EDM4, Unit 4, Lessons 1-13. These lesson are for the SMARTboard. The lessons include interactive games, vocabulary 4.1 Attribute Blocks 4.2 Shapes by Feel 4.3 Favorite Colors Graph 4.4 Meet the Calculator 4.5 Ten Frame Quick Looks 4.6 Moving with Teens 4.7 Building Hexagons 4.8 Building Numbers 4.9 Exploring Weight 4.10 Exploring Capacity 4.11 Counting by 10s 4.12 Top It with Number Cards 4.13 Number Grid Exploration