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Wild Style – Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry. ☚


The everyday, not at work look.


This image is been created to look funky with the pattern on the side of the models face. The pose is very serious but is turned into silly from the design. I will use something like this in my magazine because pop magazine's are not always serious.


nan Goldin professed that photography was a stand in for memory, she unabashedly photographing drag queens, drug addicts, and night time lurkers that made up her circle of friends


Alcohol Addiction Treatment © Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery

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El arte de ... Gustav Klimt

The golden Forest by timemit - I found this on a mosaic board, but it doesn't appear to be a mosaic. It's a great idea for one though! Reminds me of Klimt.

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Happy Birthday Kate Moss! See Rare Photos of the Fashion Icon

I have nothing against this image, it's a very lovely one. But when one idolises a certain slim body type or model claiming them to be perfect or utterly annoys me because as soon as a plus size image is shown in Media people want to say they r unhealthy. So slim models r always healthy even if advocating smoking? Possibly even drugs they 'heroin chic' but a larger woman is unhealthy because she has a larger fat percentage? Fat is normal guys we r humans not plastic

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Photographer Corinne Day, who captured iconic early images of Kate Moss, dies aged 45

Photographer Corinne Day, who captured iconic early images of Kate Moss, dies…


The flower has EMPHASIS because of its 3D FORM and because it is in front of the…

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No Country for Old Men (2007)

No Country for Old Men (2007) // Llewelyn Moss: "If I don't come back, tell mother I love her." Carla Jean Moss: "Your mother's dead, Llewelyn." Llewelyn Moss: "Well then I'll tell her myself."