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The Histories, by Herodotus- the "father of history." he's so funny!! "...for often time G-d gives men a gleam of happiness & then plunges them into ruin." ha. so true.

The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories. I get it most people wouldn't read this for fun. I did. It is fantastic if your a history buff

from The Telegraph


Lost city of Heracleion gives up its secrets | A lost ancient Egyptian city submerged beneath the sea 1,200 years ago is starting to reveal what life was like in the legendary port of Thonis-Heracleion | The Telegraph


Herodotus, , Donald Lateiner, and G C. Macaulay. The Histories. New York: Barnes & Noble Classics, 2004. Print.


Histories (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) by Herodotus, Donald Lateiner (Introduction), G. C. Macaulay (Translator), Donald Lateiner (Revised by)

Circa 460 BC: The Greek historian Herodotus describes the practices and culture of some female warriors he called the Amazons, a nation of all-female warriors in Classical and Greek mythology. Herodotus placed them in a region bordering Scythia in Sarmatia (modern territory of Ukraine). Other historiographers place them in Asia Minor or Libya. Notable queens of the Amazons was Penthesilea, who participated in the Trojan War, and her sister Hippolyta, whose magical girdle was the object of…