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hermit crab tank setup ideas - Google Search

Naturnahe Hamstergehege: 120cm x 60cm Terrarium für Dsungare Sir Humphrey Bearded dragon terrarium.


How to keep the sand out of your crab's pools: a DIY Plexiglas Tank Divider!


hermit crab tank 10 gallon - Google Search

Apparently some new pets are in my near future... From what I can find in my early stages of research on how to keep them alive, Hermit Crab Patch is *the* website for all things hermit crab... Good to know!


hermit crab tank setup ideas - Google Search

The shell shelf!! I got a corner shelf from the kitchen section and covered it with coco fiber. I wrapped hemp around the "legs" and a net around the super. Fairly cheap and super easy.


Do you like eggs? Great! Hermit crabs love the egg shells. It's good calcium for their exoskeleton. You put the shell as is in the tank or crush to mix with other things.

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This 'Super Mario' style Lego aquarium is a thing of beauty

Super Mario LEGO aquarium!