Maiden Castle, Dorset, England Maiden Castle, the largest and most complex Iron Age hill fort in Britain.

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Reminds me so much of all the paisley I wore growing up! Wait did I just give away how OLD I really am?? LOL REPUBLIC OF FASHION REVELRY| INDIAN FASHION, STYLE & BEAUTY BLOG ...

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Deal Castle, UK is a 16th century coastal artillery fort built by Henry VIII. Deal Castle is built of Kentish ragstone brick, and Caen stone taken from nearby religious houses after the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Whether by design or coincidence, the fortress is shaped like a Tudor rose.

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#Wiltshire: Old Sarum - England. The mighty Iron Age hill fort was where the first cathedral once stood and the Romans, Normans and Saxons have all left their mark.

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Tintagel Castle in Cornwall is steeped in legend and mystery; said to be the birthplace of King Arthur. The castle also features in the tale of Tristan and Isolde and has a history stretching as far back as the Romans. (

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Silbury Hill, Avebury. The largest man-made mound in Europe, mysterious Silbury Hill compares in height and volume to the roughly contemporary Egyptian pyramids. Probably completed in around 2400 BC, it apparently contains no burial. Though clearly important in itself, its purpose and significance remain unknown. There is no access to the hill itself. Distance from Shaftesbury to Avebury is 42 miles More

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