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Herbs are mostly perennial herbs, meaning they will either stay green all winter or go dormant over the winter season and come back again in the spring. However, there are a couple of herbs that are biennial, which means they typically thrive in two growing seasons (spring and fall generally). Perennial herbs should be…


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Start a herb garden with these no-fuss essentials!


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How to Make an Herbal Knot Garden

Looks like a manageable knot garden, but be aware this is a very low-water garden. If you give anything more than drought-tolerant levels of water, that Rosemary and Licorice plant are quickly going to grow out of control. You can see the whole project (and plant list) when you click down.


Giant List Of 150 Herbs With Uses and Benefits...A truly fantastic post | Be sure to check it out..#herbs,#home_remedies


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Herbs from Garden to Plate

By growing herbs yourself, in your own garden, you get the freshest, most potent medicinal herbs. These are thriving under the same stressors that you, yourself, are challenged with. When you buy dried herbs, even from local herb stores, they won’t be as active or as potent as the herbs that you harvest fresh and process yourself. But how do you fit medicinal herbs into your home garden plans? You don’t need hundreds of acres to grow enough medicinal herbs for your family’s wellness. Here’s…


Herb list for North Texas