Want to make an herbal tincture? Which of the 3 tincture methods will you use? We're discussing the differences as well as how to choose which is best for your needs.

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I picked these herbs because I can easily grow them in my zone 3 climate (except ginger which I can buy at the grocery store. There is nothing magical about these specific herbs except that they are local to me. It frustrates me when an herbal recipe calls for exotic ingredients but a common local herb would have sufficed. So use this recipe as a guide for your own herbal alchemy.:

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RxHerbalStores is a renowed Herbal Store for promoting the best possible and safest natural supplements for a range of medical and physical conditions. Whether it is related to sexual dysfunction or general health disorders, RxHerbalStores offers a r

Calendula infused oil is wonderful herbal medicine, especially for the skin. Learn how to use this healing infused oil!

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7 Herbal Books For Beginners | GrowingUpHerbal.com | New to herbs? Here are 7 books perfect for beginners.

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