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Hepa Air Filter

from Inhabitat

DIY: Make Your Own HEPA Air Filtration System for Just $30!

DIY Air Purifier for about $30 Bucks! I was skeptical, but after watching the video from University of Michigan Health System’s Sinus Center, I was convinced! I went out and bought 2 filters. They were not the Merv 13 but they were close 80 ~ 85% with Microban. I have had them running for about an hour and my sinuses feel soo much better!

from Inhabitat

DIY: Make Your Own HEPA Air Filtration System for Just $30!

Make a HEPA air filter out of a box fan and HEPA furnace filter.


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From what I've read using a box fan with furnace HEPA filter is just as good as expensive HEPA filters. Love this design.

Healthmate HM-400 HEPA Air Filter Purifier Sandstone


Hepa air filter

Check out this product on App:hepa air filter

In the future HEPA filters are built into absolutely everything. Your personal air supply is MAD clean.

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Best Trees for Indoor Use

Best use for air purifying Indoor trees

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2 Whirlpool Whispure Replacement HEPA Air Purifier Filters & 8 Odor-Neutralizing Carbon Pre Filters

2 HEPA air filters and 8 carbon odor-neutralizing prefilters designed for Whispure Models AP350, AP360, and AP510. Compare to Part #s 8171434K, 1183054/4K.

from Think Crucial

2 Whirlpool AP450 & AP510 Replacement Air Purifier Filters | Part # 1183054

2 Replacement HEPA Air Purifier Filters, Designed for Whirlpool AP450, AP510, AP45030HO