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Dorset Buttons. Henry's Buttons started over two years ago with the aim of helping to keep the heritage craft of the Dorset Buttons industry alive. Specialising in Dorset Buttons, buttony news and a shop for all you need to make Dorset Buttons. Organises Dorset Button workshops, commissions to make buttons and gives talks on the history of the industry. Textile artist Sally Webster .... Sally was inspired by ‘buttony’ and in this image she has based her work on the original Dorset Knobs.


All day awful things have been happening to him. For a long time nothing good has come to him. And now just when hes ready to give up a boy named Alonzo shows up. Just his name is enough to pull him through it. He has been using this catchphrase since the day he lost Rose Tyler and now, finally he gets to say it..Say it for Rose Tyler.