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Memorial service for Rorke's Drift war hero John Williams VC

Pte John Williams (left), with Pte Alfred H Hook - both were awarded Victoria Crosses for their defense of a hospital at Rorke's Drift. With the Zulus breaking down the door to get in, he knocked a hole through the wall into an adjacent ward, where he met up with a Private Alfred Hook. Between them, Williams and Hook held the Zulu advance at bay for a further hour, while smashing holes through another three walls to evacuate 8 patients to the protection of the garrison's inner defensive…


The Bow Street Runners were seen as London's first professional police force. They were founded in 1749 by the author Henry Fielding and originally consisted of eight men.


"Love and scandal are the best sweeteneers of tea": The life of one of my favourites, Henry Fielding, who was born on this day!


Joan Princess of England 1328-1385 wife of Edward "The Black Prince" Plantagenet of Wales * 18th G Grand Uncle. Parents of Richard King II of England Plantagenet * 1st Cousin What a handsome couple.


Amazon chooses Top 10 Books of 2011 -- 'The Art of Fielding' is no. 1

The Art of Fielding explores relationships--between friends, family, and lovers--and the unpredictable forces that complicate them.


egypt - 007by ~wafa2 on deviantART. One thing I don't like about Tumblr is that most of the content has no link to the artist!


The reason why i love Afternoon tea (The bovine cake lady)


Zulu War 1879 - Privates Robert Jones, Henry Hook, William Jones and John Williams Fielding at Rorkes Drift Mission Station defend the hospital. All survived and would receive the Victoria Cross


Fordhook House, Ealing View of Fordhook House in Ealing, the residence of Henry Fielding. c1800