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What Do Ayurvedic Products Do For Your Hair?

What Do Ayurvedic Products Do For Your Hair? - BHI Postcard Tips Read the article here -


DIY Henna Just take baby powder, food coloring of your choice, and water. Mix it together until you get a paste. Then apply just like regular henna. Wait for about an hour and rinse off


How to mix henna for hair cool tea recipe and results

There are so many different recipes for mixing henna for hair and I am often asked “what is the right recipe?”. This guide covers my favourite, and the simplest recipe for hair, henna and tea. Henna covers...


Eshtah, Rich ^ Creamy Life: How to Prepare Dry Henna Powder for Hair

If you're working to clean up your beauty routine, don't stop with your hair color. Instead, turn to red henna powder for a natural alternative to synthetic hair coloring. #NaturalBeautyCare