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What Does Iron Do In Our Body?

Hemochromatosis - another thing for our family to sort . . .


It's insanity, isn't it? One easy way to incorporate Turmeric in your diet, is to just add a spoon to your morning smoothie! Do you have any good recipes you'd like to share with us? Just add them below in the comment box ♥ We have so many life-saving truths for you on The Truth About Cancer - come join us!

8 Fatty liver diet principles, advice and solutions. What you ought to eat more of, as well as precisely what things to stay away from should you suffer from fatty liver disease.


Genetic diseases/disorders in people of Northern European descent, specifically Scott- Irish decent. "I had extreme pain in my hands which they say from DC you shouldn't have, but once I was diagnosed with HH and got treatment the hand pain went away. So my pain in my hands was from iron overload not DC." #1 Genetic Blood Disorder of people of Northern European decent. 1 and 10 people have it and 1 in 4 if you are of Scots /Irish. chances are you may HH.


What is Hereditary Hemochromatosis?

Qué comer si tengo hígado graso. El hígado graso, conocido médicamente como esteatosis hepática, consiste en la acumulación de grasa en este órgano, lo que produce en principio una inflamación que de no ser atendida adecuadamente pue...


From blood-letting, a life-saving hemochromatosis treatment, to leeches, a surgical aid, these ‘barbaric’ medical treatments are still used today.