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This is my favorite James Bond Tuxedo. Classically cut 1 button Brioni with high-set peak lapels and besom pockets. Wicked.

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Typography as Art

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Doctor Who: a brief history of the male companions

Hegemonic Masculinity: achieves what patriarchy fails to achieve: it offers a nuanced account of the processes and relationalities of femininity-masculinity and male power while staying local to the notions of gender and sexual ideology, and male dominance. Hegemonic masculinity not only succeeds in signalling the multiple, contested character of male practices; it does so in the context of larger formations of gender structure (Whitehead 90).

from The Huffington Post

What Interviewing Male Prisoners Taught One Psychologist About Masculinity

Is criminal deviance a characteristic of hegemonic masculinity?

from the Guardian

Our action on domestic violence is like throwing popcorn at the Taliban

5/26/16 - Hegemony is the means by which those with power maintain it&hegemonic masculinity is one term used to explain male dominance. We lack courage or leadership to tackle the big issues in Australia. No policy or amount of money will come near addressing DV until we face sexism head on. Everywhere. Not over there, but here. In our houses&in our hearts&in our heads…


Gramsci and Foucault two brilliant social-political theorists

from Harvard Business Review

Even the Thought of Earning Less than Their Wives Changes How Men Behave

While there is still a dominant group of behaviors that society considers appropriately masculine — what researchers call “hegemonic” masculinity — there are increasingly other ways for men to “do” masculinity. In the household that may mean redefining masculinity to include being a good father or a great cook. In politics it may mean advocating for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. It’s not yet clear what these alternative masculinities will look like in the…