It doesn't matter if it's freezing in a moment where you need to speak, or if you're struggling creatively to express yourself, these are still quietly terrible moments. Just keep going and don't punish yourself for your silence. #truth #RPmuses

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A new chapter in my life is about to begin. Next week I will be moving from my beautiful apartment. I have lived here for more than nine years. So much has happened and I have done a lot of growing up within these four walls. But it is time to say goodbye and to say hello to something new. I love this apartment and I am saying goodbye with a heavy heart. At the same time I am so excited about the new beginning. I sold the apartment back in April, so I have had some time to adjust. And to…

For all of us who miss those we have lost...especially dedicated to someone I love who has lost so much this past year and handled loss with such grace....

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I Love YOU in the most Amazing way!! You truly are my everything.. My EVERY THOUGHT.. My ONLY True Pure LOVE!! Ijwysb

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