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"Should the accusation prove false, this is hardly the time to spread rumors that could provoke dissension."

from Jezebel

Adam Levine Is Not the Sexiest Man Alive. Adam Levine Is the Worst.

Elder - [Idris Elba]


Miami Heat Rumors: Goran Dragic To Sacramento Kings For DeMarcus Cousins? ---

from Tourist Destinations

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Easily the most photographed site in all of Iceland, The Blue Lagoon is perhaps the most supernatural looking body of water on Earth. The water in the lagoon is anything but frosty. The temperature averages about 104F and the soothing, mineral-rich water is rumored to have curative powers.


When you don't know how to react and yours eyes starts to water, feel a lump in your throat, your chest tightening, and you realized you been holding your breath then you turn around and away to take a big breath, looking up and fluttering yours eyes to stop the can feel the heat on your face going to your ears and you want explode but your doing your damn best holding it all in....


Miami Heat Rumors: Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Gordon Hayward To South Beach? -

Miami Heat Rumors: Rudy Gay To South Beach? -

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Miami Heat Rumors: Mario Chalmers Returning To South Beach? -