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Heart Rate Monitor

I have always wondered what is safe... sometimes my heart rate goes high and I get scared while working out.


Nice comparison between 7 fitness trackers with heart rate monitoring for women. It's important to monitor your heart rate when training so you don't train to hard.

Diet plans for fast weight loss examined and rated each month. I burned 497 calories doing Les Mills Combat followed by @Abigail Phillips Crusha Ab Ripper X w/@Christopher Stowe Strimbu #40DaysofFitness heart rate monitor stats

FLIP is the latest in the wearable biometric tech craze, but quite different from fitness bands and smartwatches.


Finally! An article that explains heart rate zones in an understandable way! How to apply heart rate monitoring to your training and running to maximize results and stay in the right heart rate training zones.


Your workout - only smarter! Exercising in the right zone will help you improve your fitness and see results sooner. A heart rate monitor will help guide and motivate you so every workout counts.

A waterproof fitness tracker watch with wrist heart rate monitor and a colour touchscreen. Customise yours with colourful wristbands. Read more.

from The Blonde Ethos

The Complete Guide to Heart Rate Training