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Of course what I crave isn't listed on here. Looks like it's time to try something new! @sapp24


Homemade Healthy Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino, each drink costs only 10p and contains 40 calories and 0.1g fat!

from Well+Good

Starbucks has an entire secret menu of healthy options

Starbucks' secret Healthy Drink with berries that isn't on the menu but I'm totally asking for!


Copycat Starbucks Protein Bistro Box . . Pin it! . . { Back-to-School time baby! Seriously my favorite time of year heading into Fall. Love getting re-organized & focused. I seem to do better in all areas of my life when I'm under 'forced' schedules. Anyone else? Sooo excited to post healthy lunch ideas, and family dinners these next few months (for YOU, and me ! } These little bento/bistro boxes are great for kids, & their moms! I used gl...


I don't get many chances to take a breather and be by myself and just relax. Yesterday I happened to take one between my last client and dinner. So I stopped by Starbucks and got myself a #blendicano. Hash tag Basic. Iced Americano with SugarFree syrup of your choice don't do anything under 2-3 pumps because it just won't taste right and your choice of Splenda. Or whatever stevia. And ask them to BLEND it. 25 calories? Can't beat it. Coffee keeps me sane Found this tip elsewhere a while…


A Healing Chai Latte- Cinnamon, Ginger and Turmeric milk. Vegan, Dairy Free

A vegan homemade and healthy chai latte alternative to the sugar laden (but delicious) Starbuck's version. A comforting and healing hot drink for cold days.



The amount of caffeine in a tall and a grande is exactly the same! So there really is no need to get a grande. Enjoy a tall espresso. Keep your calories in control. Weight management and loss is all math. Your diet is a bank account!


Drinks To Order at Starbucks that WON'T Ruin Your Diet: I knew my fav drink wasn't bad

Copycat Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher Drink - my new addiction!!