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from Chocolate Covered Katie

Starbucks Healthy Lemon Cake

Soft and MOIST lemon cake, just as good as Starbucks, without all the sugar and calories. (This recipe is really good for breakfast) @choccoveredkt

from Greatist

7 Starbucks Copycats You Can Make Way Healthier (and Cheaper) at Home

Skip the lines and the sugar-bomb syrups. #healthy #Starbucks #recipe


What to Skip, What to Sip: Starbucks's Creamy, Icy Drinks

We get it – as the temperatures rise a cold Starbucks drink sounds so refreshing. But a Frappuccino can carry a lot of calories. Here's a quick guide that will help you decide what to order next time you're at Starbucks!



The amount of caffeine in a tall and a grande is exactly the same! So there really is no need to get a grande. Enjoy a tall espresso. Keep your calories in control. Weight management and loss is all math. Your diet is a bank account!


I don't get many chances to take a breather and be by myself and just relax. Yesterday I happened to take one between my last client and dinner. So I stopped by Starbucks and got myself a #blendicano. Hash tag Basic. Iced Americano with SugarFree syrup of your choice don't do anything under 2-3 pumps because it just won't taste right and your choice of Splenda. Or whatever stevia. And ask them to BLEND it. 25 calories? Can't beat it. Coffee keeps me sane Found this tip elsewhere a while…


Healthy 1 Minute Classic Coffee Cake- Inspired by Starbucks, this healthy cake recipe is moist, fluffy and SO delicious- There's no oil, butter or added sugar AND it only takes one minute- Oven option too! {vegan, gluten free, paleo}-


A Healing Chai Latte- Cinnamon, Ginger and Turmeric milk. Vegan, Dairy Free

A vegan homemade and healthy chai latte alternative to the sugar laden (but delicious) Starbuck's version. A comforting and healing hot drink for cold days.