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Rice Cakes with Healthy Toppings

❝Let face it, rice cakes are a bit bland but they made a great gluten free base for a whole host of different toppings. I went with Egg & Cress, Turkey & Tomato, Tuna & Avocado and Salmon, Cream Cheese & Pesto. To be honest, I wasn’t sure these would fill me up but I felt nicely full afterwards.❞


Oatcakes Twelve Ways

Oatcakes Twelve Ways - 12 sweet and savoury toppings for oatcakes


smoked salmon, avocado, and cottage cheese. mmmmmm.... You could also use cream cheese if you're not a fan of cottage cheese.


Savvy Snacking Made Simple

If you’re looking to up the ante with your next mid-morning snack session, rice cakes are an absolute desk drawer essential. We’re all guilty of reaching for the biscuit tin when the post-coffee hunger pangs hit, but if you want to swap the sweet stuff for something altogether healthier and truly nutritious, rice cakes are the way forward. Enter Kallo, our go-to when it comes to savvy snacking.


Arsenic in rice: how concerned should you be? If you knew there was arsenic in your food, would you eat it? More importantly, would you serve it to your children?


❝Rice cakes are many times perceived as a blah snooze. Just try different toppings, add your fave ingredients, let your imagination run wild, and create tons of delicious yet healthy rice cakes.❞